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Mo-Zyme Forte - Product Image

Mo-Zyme Forte

Mo-Zyme Forte by Biotics Research

Supplies 150 mcg of molybdenum. Use where an increased need for molybdenum is indicated.

Why do your patients need Mo-Zyme Forte Molybdenum is an essential trace element that assists in a wide variety of enzymatic reactions within the body. Some of these processes include: the metabolism of iron within the liver; the conversion of the by product of yeast, acetaldehyde, into acetic acid and ultimately into Acetyl CoA; and the metabolism and excretion of uric acid. Molybdenum is also an important cofactor in the transformation of sulfite to sulfate, a reaction that is necessary for the metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids such as methionine and cysteine. Mo-Zyme Forte is commonly used to support patients with sensitivities to MSG, sulfites, and aromatic or environmental compounds. Clinical indications of increased molybdenum need may include low serum uric acid in absence of vitamin B12 deficiency, or iron deficiency anemia that has not responded to iron supplementation.

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