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L-Carnitine HCl

L-Carnitine HCl by Biotics Research

Supplemental source of L-Carnitine, an amino acid like compound. L-Carnitine plays a critical role in fat metabolism and energy production, and therefore supports healthy heart function. L-Carnitine is derived from meat sources in the diet, and is therefore often found lacking in those on vegetarian type diets.

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a vital role in fat metabolism. Synthesized in the liver and kidney from the essential amino acids lysine and methionine, L-Carnitine is primarily stored in muscle tissue. One of L-carnitines primary functions is that of fatty acid transport – it works to transport long chain fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane so that it can be metabolized for energy. Adequate levels of L-carnitine are believed to be particularly important for supplying energy during periods of long term aerobic activity. Additional functions include muscle contraction, regulation of protein balance, countering adverse effects of aging, supporting cardiovascular health, supporting diabetic patients, those with chronic fatigue, those with kidney or liver impairment, or those with chronic degenerative status. Vegetarians, seniors, and those with impaired digestion, or known iron deficiencies may have increased need for L-carnitine supplementation.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Found throughout the central nervous system (CNS) metabolism, offering a source of acetyl groups for the synthesis of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter, and thereby supporting healthy brain function.

Recommended dosage is one (1) capsule taken two (2) times a day. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

L-Carnitine HCl  promotes energy production by enhancing fat oxidation in the cell mitochondria. Use with elevated blood fats, cardiac stress, liver degeneration (cirrhosis), low carb diets when patient unable to lose weight, or muscle fatigue. Take (1-2) capsules, (3) times each day with food.

L-Carnitine HCl: Supports ATP energy production by enhancing lipid oxidation in cell mitochondria Recommended dosage is one (1) to two (2) capsules taken three (3) times a day with meals. For low-carb dieters who do not go into ketosis on 60 grams or less of carbohydrates, take four (4) tablets three (3) times daily until ketosis.

L-Carnitine Powder: Supplies 1.70 gm of L-carnitine per 3 gm serving, thus delivering a 56% potency of the amino acid. Recommended dosage is one (1) teaspoon daily in choice of beverage.

Size: (30 C)

Price:   $22.90 

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