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IAG by Bitocs Research (Immune Modulating Powder)

The new, enhanced IAG

In order to provide enhanced immune support benefits, Biotics Research has made an important improvement to IAG. IAG supplies arabinogalactan from the Larch tree, providing galactose and arabinose in a 6:1 ratio. It is a long, densely-branched, non-starch polysaccharide with a galactan backbone and side chains of galactose and arabinose. IAG now contains bioactive polyphenolic flavonoids, including quercetin and taxifilin, and therefore now provides antioxidant activity and chemo protective effects. This change has altered the color of the powder and will now appear slightly darker. You may also notice a slight change in the taste due to its polyphenolic content.

This highly refined powder contains up to 99% pure arabinogalactans. Arabinogalactans function as immune modulators, enhancing or decreasing the immune function as needed. It is the arabinogalactans content of Echinacea which is responsible for its anti-microbial reputation, and it only contains about 6% of the arabinogalactans, IAG contains up to 99%! One researcher calculated that 1 tsp of IAG has the power of 3-5 bottles of commercially available liquid Echinacea. This powder mixes well with juice; it is the perfect immune enhancing food for children with chronic or acute infections.

Arabinogalactans are complex carbohydrates that resist human digestion and which have been shown to promote the growth of Lactobacillus in humans.

IAG supplies Arabinogalactans?long, densely branched, high molecular polysaccharides derived from Larch trees.

RECOMMENDATION: One (1) teaspoon each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.

Grams per bottle: 100

Why you may need IAG™:

Arabinogalactan is a unique polysaccharide from the cell wall of several different plants, but it is especially prevalent in the inner bark of the larch tree (a variety of pine tree). It has long been noted for its use as an effective prebiotic and dietary fiber, but more and more studies are showing that it deserves mention for its ability to promote the health of the immune system. It has been demonstrated to have immune modulating effects and it also stimulates natural killer (NK) cell activity, which has been linked in medical literature to be physiologically decreased in a number of chronic conditions, particularly those of viral or autoimmune natures. Pediatricians frequently find arabinogalactans to be supportive towards the health of children who have frequent episodes of otitis media.

Why your healthcare practitioner recommends IAG™ from Biotics Research:

Despite the fact that it is derived from trees, IAG™ is a mild, slightly sweet tasting powder.  It readily dissolves into water or juice and is a convenient choice for a wide variety of people, including young children and seniors who may be prohibited from taking pills or immune enhancing herbal formulas.  In fact, IAG™ is so palatable, that if a child doesn’t see it being mixed into their juice – they usually won’t be able to detect its presence. Each bottle of IAG™ from Biotics Research Corporation contains 50 servings of arabinogalactans, making it both convenient and economical.  Once again, Biotics Research Corporation brings you "The Best of Science and Nature."

Price:   $30.90 

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