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Antitox Homeopathic Formulas


The Toxic Load Reduction Program

This is a sequential series of remedies for addressing symptoms of toxicity, and for toxic load reduction and drainage, to be used over a period of months. The principles of effective toxic load reduction as determined by electronic evaluation techniques have been captured in the formulation of these remedies. Excellent results can be obtained by taking them in the recommended sequence, or as the symptom picture indicates.

[A-1] [A-2] [A-3] [A-4] [A-5] [A-6] [A-7] [A-8] [A-9] [A-11] [A-12] [A-13] [A-14]

A-1 Cellular Recharge An important precursor remedy to be taken before undertaking any detoxification program. Helps activate and recharge cellular metabolic processes in preparation for efficient detoxification and drainage. A rich combination of homeopathic cell salts, flower essences, phytotherapy and oligotherapy. Follow with Gentle Drainage (A-2).

A-2 Gentle Drainage For gentle support and drainage of the connective tissue and elimination organs. Homeopathic phytotherapeutics and sarcodes help clear elimination channels and offer needed support for these organs before taking the stronger-acting remedies. Essential before any major detoxification. Follow with Ultra-Antitox (A-3).

A-3 Ultra Antitox For relief of symptoms related to low-level toxic bioaccumulation in cleansing the organs ( liver, kidneys, and lymphatics). To enhance the body's own "detox-ability" for an effective cleansing. Rich in homeopathic phytotherapeutics. This is often a good time for lymphatic massage, saunas, and colonic irrigations. A major detox formula. Follow with Deep Antitox (A-4).

A-4 Deep Antitox For homeopathic cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract and balancing the flora as well as relief of symptoms related to disturbances in this area. For Candida and uric acid-related conditions. Homeopathics and nosodes provide the powerful effectiveness of this unique remedy. Use of friendly micro- organisms, such as L. Acidophilus, is often appropriate at this time. Follow with Heavy AntitoxTM (A-5), unless contraindicated.

A-5 Heavy Antitox For relief of symptoms related to low-level toxicity of certain heavy metals from the fatty tissues and deeper layers. Contraindicated for persons who either have pacemakers, metal implants, or "silver" amalgam fillings containing mercury in their teeth. Ideal for use after removal of fillings. Follow with Revitalization (A-6), Maintenance (A-10), and other formulas for further specific cleansing and balancing.

A-6 Revitalization For rebuilding and replenishing organ vitality. A general support formula designed to be taken either before or after the above detoxification program. Rich in homeopathic sarcodes and homeopathic phytotherapeutics.

A-7 Prototox (Formerly called IMMUNE ENERGY) Ideal for symptom relief in minor illnesses and acute situations. Especially useful during and after the Detox Program. Most effective at the onset of flu, colds, inflammation, etc. Also helps the body adapt to environmental stresses. Best when combined with Acute Rescue (B-1).

A-8 Male Balance For balancing and enhancing the male endocrine system. Suggested for routine use by men throughout the Detox Program. Highly recommended in the beginning of any detoxification for energy enhancement. Also useful during "endocrine stress." Very helpful for patients over 40.

A-9 Female Balance For balancing and enhancing the female endocrine system. Suggested for use by women throughout the Detox Program, especially in the beginning. Very helpful when faced with excessively stressful conditions. Also useful for reducing the "endocrine stress." One of our most popular formulas.

A-11 Enviroprotect Focuses on detoxification and desensitization. For relief of symptoms related to environmental stress factors, and for organ function support. Designed to be used on a long-term basis, following this detoxification program.

A-12 DTX-Kidney A potent combination of gemmaes, sarcodes, and other homeopathic ingredients selected to stimulate the natural detoxification processes of the kidneys.

A-13 DTX-Liver For maintaining the newly achieved systemic balance following the use of remedies A-1 through A-5. Appropriate for sensitive or depleted individuals in the early stages of this program. Especially designed for long-term use for a continued mild drainage effect.

A-14 DTX-Lymph Focuses on detoxification and desensitization. For relief of symptoms related to environmental stress factors, and for organ function support. Designed to be used on a long-term basis, following this detoxification program.

Symptom-Oriented Therapy

The B-Plex series consists of 20 powerful "helper" formulas which may be used either in conjunction with the above Toxic Load Reduction Program or individually, as indicated. These formulas have been developed to relieve the symptoms of a wide variety of disorders. The large volume of feedback we have received indicates that these remedies are many of our customers' biggest practice builders!

[B-1] [B-2] [B-3] [B-4] [B-5] [B-6] [B-7] [B-8] [B-9] [B-10] [B-11] [B-12] [B-13] [B-14] [B-16] [B-18] [B-19] [B-20]

B-1 Acute Rescue For calming and soothing the body on a cellular level when disturbed and traumatized, especially in emergency situations. For relief of symptoms of colds and flu, as well as for symptoms of bruises and inflammations. Rich in homeopathics, including flower essences. Important for every household and office! Excellent formula for acute allergic-type reactions. See B-19 and B-20 for Acute RescueSpray and Cream.

B-2 Adrenal Pep Provides support for the adrenals. Useful during stress, adrenal exhaustion, allergies, and fatigue. Use to counter the effects of detox and drainage processes (low energy). Combine with Stress Resistance (B-6).

B-3 Sinus Relief A unique formula for relief of minor sinus disorders, upper respiratory conditions, colds, sinusitis, etc. May be combined with Mucous Membranes (B-8) for added support.

B-4 Digestion For relief of symptoms related to indigestion and flatulence. Supports and stimulates the digestive and gastrointestinal organs, including the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and intestines. A multi-purpose formula. Rich in homeopathic phytotherapeutics. Combine with Aller-TotalTM (S-2) when indicated.

B-5 Gluco Balance For supporting the endocrine function of the pancreas. For relief of hyper- and hypo- states of energy, allergies, lactose intolerance, and sweet cravings. An important remedy for persons experiencing nausea and sudden drops and fluctuations in energy.

B-6 Stress Resistance For supporting and calming the autonomic nervous system. For relief of physical and emotional stresses, and the resulting heartburn, insomnia, and anxious irritability. Rich in homeopathic flower essences. Useful for adapting to demanding situations and the changing pressures of life.

B-7 DPRSN Antitox For uplifting and general support in persons who are experiencing low vitality, grief, loss of hope, or who have a melancholic disposition. Also for symptomatic relief of chronic fatigue.

B-8 Mucous Membranes For relief of symptoms related to excessive mucous production. Sedates the mucous membranes when overactive. Especially useful for symptoms related to sinus, lung, colon, ear, and gum areas. Combine with Acute Rescue(B-1) or Aller-Total(S-2) when indicated.

B-9 Acute Virotox For symptoms related to exposure to minor viral influences such as colds, flu and associated inflammations, stress, etc.

B-10 Post Virotox For relief of symptoms related to persistent and chronic minor viral inflammations and their after-effects. Use after Acute Virotox(B-9). For fatigue and slow recovery. Combine with Lymphotox(N-5)

B-11 Injurotox For relief of symptoms from injuries to the soft tissues and bones from recent or older traumas, impacts, or shocks. Works to clear affected cell memory and remove "energetic foci" from the incident. Also useful for over-use and weakness of the muscles. Excellent for body-builders and fitness enthusiasts. Combine with Acute Rescue(B-1) and Strong Ligaments and Joints (C-7) when indicated.

B-12 Migratox For relief of migraines and other headaches, sunstroke, stress, hot flashes, PMS, over-consumption of alcohol, and nervous irritability.

B-13 Cell Salt Complex To improve calcium and mineral metabolism for the increase of stamina and endurance. For relief of nervous irritability, weakness, fatigue, and exhaustion.

B-14 Bronchotox For temporary relief of symptoms of asthma, cough, respiratory allergies, stress, and wheezing.

B-16 Tonsioplex To provide temporary relief of symptoms related to enlarged tonsils, recurring flu, and recurrent respiratory infections.

B-18 Oticoplex For relief of minor infections, fever, acute colds in children, temporary impaired hearing, and ringing in the ear.

B-19 Acute RescueSpray For relief of minor burns, trauma, skin irritation, inflammation.

B-20 Acute RescueCream For calming and soothing the body on a cellular level when disturbed and traumatized, especially in emergency situations.

Causal Chain and Chronic Therapy

These remedies counteract symptoms of chronic conditions and weaknesses which have developed over a period of years. Often indicated in persistently depleted persons, C-Plex remedies are most effective when used over a long period of time.

[C-1] [C-2] [C-3] [C-4] [C-5] [C-6] [C-7] [C-8]

C-1 Prostate Causal Chain A unique formula for homeopathic support of the prostate and its related organs (thyroid, pancreas, kidneys). For relief of symptoms of minor prostate disorders. Addresses energy stagnation, especially when resulting from old age. May be given routinely to males over age 40. Always combine with Male Balance (A-8).

C-2 Fibrozolve For homeopathic support of the uterus, breasts, ovaries, or testes. Also useful for "toxic scar" interferences. For relief of symptoms related to menopause, PMS, and cysts in the male and female organs and tissues. Contraindicated for patients who have or who are suspected of having ulcers. Females should combine with Female Balance (A-9) and Lymphotox (N-5); males with Male Balance (A-8) and Prostate Causal Chain (C-1).

C-3 Cell Metabolism Stimulates the integration of metabolites into the cells. Helps to excrete excess sodium. Particularly useful when therapeutic progress is obstructed. For homeopathic support of cells in both acute and chronic conditions. For relief of symptoms related to minor cellular degeneration and free-radical damage.

C-4 Arthro Muscotox Provides homeopathic support for the joints and muscles. For relief of minor arthritic-type pain, injuries, etc. Useful for body-builders and athletes, as well as for the elderly and the middle-aged. A mild drainage effect.

C-5 Homeochelation Provides homeopathic support for the heart meridian. May be used routinely in all patients over the age of 40. Rich in homeopathic sarcodes.

C-6 Spleen Blood Activator Provides homeopathic support for weak and susceptible patients, with a focus on the spleen. Use for relief of chronic as well as acute conditions. Rich in sarcodes.

C-7 Strong Ligaments and Joints For homeopathic support of the joints and ligaments, especially for young children, the elderly, and athletes. For relief of pains and aches due to stressed and weakened joints. To be used before and after stressful situations, especially injuries.

C-8 Calcium Metabolism For the processing and integration of calcium and other essential minerals. For relief of symptoms resulting from calcium excesses or deficiencies. Especially useful for women, children, older persons, and athletes. Rich in cell salts and oligotherapeutics.


Drainage Series

These twelve remedies assist in the organs and tissues elimination processes. While detox remedies remove toxins from binding sites, drainage remedies assist the actual elimination throughout the system. These remedies contain ingredients in lower potencies to create a drainage effect as well as to provide symptom relief.

[D-1] [D-2] [D-3] [D-4] [D-5] [D-6] [D-7] [D-8] [D-9] [D-10] [D-11] [D-12]

D-1 Drainage Complex - For relief of fatigue, nervous irritability, muscle cramps, water retention, urinary discomfort, and loss of appetite.

D-2 Digestive Drainage - For relief of indigestion, bloating, flatulence, constipation, and pancreas and liver discomfort.

D-3 LVR-DRN - For relief of fatigue, anger, irritability, and liver discomfort.

D-4 BL-DRN - For relief of constipation, frustration and impatience, and to aid bile drainage.

D-5 KDNY-DRN - For relief of swelling, edema, water retention, unwanted weight loss, kidney weakness, fears, and mild anxiety.

D-6 BLDR-DRN - For relief of urination discomfort, insecurity, and to aid bladder drainage.

D-7 LMPH-DRN - For relief of fatigue, lymphatic discomfort, and especially chronic minor infections.

D-8 LNG-DRN - For relief of coughing and asthma, and to aid lung drainage.

D-9 SNS-DRN - For symptoms related to inflammation of the sinuses, hay fever, flu, drainage in cases of operative removal of dental foci, upper respiratory discomfort, and nasal discharge.

D-10 SKN-DRN - For relief of itching eruptions, acne, and to aid skin drainage.


Five-Elements Series

The first of their kind, these formulas are specifically designed to homeopathically support and balance the meridians, organs, and their related emotions according to the Five-Element Theory and Yin-Yang principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These powerful remedies are effective for acute and chronic constitutional imbalances.

[E-1] [E-2] [E-3] [E-4] [E-5] [E-6] [E-7] [E-8]

E-1 FIRE-HRT - To support and balance the Fire element, meridians, and organs (the heart, small intestine, triple warmer) and related emotions. A gentle drainage effect.

E-2 EARTH-STM - To support and balance the Earth element, meridians, and organs (the spleen, pancreas, and stomach) and related emotions. A gentle drainage effect.

E-3 MTL-LNG - To support and balance the Metal element, meridians, and organs (the lungs and large intestine) and related emotions. A gentle drainage effect.

E-4 WTR-KDY - To support and balance the Water element, meridians, and organs (the kidneys and bladder) and related emotions. A gentle drainage effect.

E-5 WD-LVR - To support and balance the Wood element, meridians, and organs (the liver and gallbladder) and related emotions. A gentle drainage effect.

E-6 Type-B Balance (Yin) - For balancing the meridians through energy stimulation. For people with slow metabolism. Useful for Parasympathetic Dominant, "Type B" personalities. Often most effective when taken in the morning. Rich in oligotherapeutics.

E-7 Type-A Balance (Yang) - For balancing the meridians through energy sedation. Particularly useful for over-active children and Sympathetic Dominant, "Type A" personalities. For relief of symptoms resulting from hyper metabolism. Often most effective when taken in the evening. Rich in phytotherapeutics.

E-8 Bioclock Regulator - For balancing the Conception Vessel and Heart Governor meridians and related emotions. Useful when the endocrine system is stressed and there is a lack of energy; also with insomnia or when traveling through time zones.


Nosode Therapy

These remedies are designed for addressing symptoms of various toxic disturbances; for deeper and more specific detoxification using homeo- and iso-nosodes.

[N-1] [N-2] [N-3] [N-4] [N-5] [N-6] [N-8] [N-9] [N-10] [N-12]

N-1 Mercury Antitox - For relief of symptoms related to minor exposure to mercury, especially those due to metal fillings. Also helps counteract electrical stresses caused by oral buccal currents and electromagnetic currents in the environment, and helps protect the kidney meridian from stresses due to heavy metals. Has an effective, mild drainage effect.

N-2 Petrochem Antitox - For relief of symptoms related to minor petrochemical toxicity (automobile exhaust fumes, food additives, dyes, and industrial solvents). Often helpful for city dwellers and commuters. Has a detoxification and cleansing action. For homeopathic neutralization of hypersensitivities to petrochemicals.

N-3 Exchem - One-of-a-kind formula for relief of symptoms related to pesticides and other chemicals. Often indicated for vegetarians. An effective wash for fruits and vegetables. A gentle drainage formula. (Ask for results of a double-blind research study performed on this product in Europe.)

N-4 Radiation Antitox - For symptoms related to radiation exposure (X-rays, geopathic stress, electromagnetic stress, etc.). A synergistic one-of-a-kind formula for energetic stresses of our technology-oriented society.

N-5 Lymphotox - For relief of inflammations, allergic-type reactions, arthritis-type aches, and symptoms related to acute lymphatic stress. A mild and effective lymph drainage formula. Also indicated for relief of symptoms of flu, sinusitis, and coughing. For homeopathic support of the lymphatic system.

N-6 Protogen - For relief of symptoms related to chronic weakness and susceptibility. Rich in nosodes, this is a deep-acting homeopathic detoxification and support formula.

N-8 Miasmatox - For relief of symptoms related to inherited or acquired miasmatic information. Works primarily on a very deep level of detoxification, in support of cellular metabolism. Rich in nosodes.

N-9 Bacterotox - For relief of symptoms related to bacterial foci and vaccinations as well as colds and other such minor infections. Best in acute situations. A very popular formula.

N-10 Paraklenz - For relief of symptoms related to parasites. Rich in homeopathic phytotherapy. Primarily a detoxification formula.

N-12 Immunosode - For temporary relief of low fevers, inflamed and sore throat, swollen tonsils, aches and pains, colds, and flu.

Weight Control and Metabolic Optimization

The W-Plex line consists of four remedies designed to address the metabolic disorders which occur as a result of emotional stress, poor eating habits, and toxicity. The formulas also address stress factors which affect the endocrine system and contribute to weight disorders. This new line--which is also referred as the Metatox(TM) Line--incorporates the latest research in this area of health care, conducted by Roy Martina, M.D.

W-3 Cravex - For relief of symptoms related to excessive cravings such as for sweets.

W-4 Neurocalm - For relief of stress contributing to the development of cravings and substance abuse.

Antitox Formula  

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