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Amino All - Product Image

Amino All

Supplements by Nutri-West: Amino-All
Size: 120

Amino All

Amino-All is made from Bovine Hyaline, Elasti and Fibrocartilage. It contains naturally occurring Chondroitin Sulfate. A comprehensive line up of amino acids from natural hydrolyzed protein provides the building blocks for many of the body's essential tissues, such as enzymes, hormones, antibodies, blood clotting factors, and muscle. Some may choose this supplement to increase the protein to carbohydrate ratio in a meal, aiding in achievement of a healthy blood sugar zone. Protein elicits glucagon secretion (the opposing hormone to insulin), which functions in times of low blood sugar to contribute to sugar homeostasis.

Natural Hydrolyzed Protein Amino Acids Each Tablet Supplies: 1000mg of Natural Hydrolyzed Protein which serves as a source of individual Amino Acids. This protein contains a minimum Nitrogen content of 16% and a minimum Protein content of 92-97%. Only bovine tissue sources are used. All of the Amino Acids in this preparation are of natural Levorotatory (L) form. Each 6 Tablets Typically Supply: Isoleucine 66mg, Leucine 174mg, Lysine 216mg, Methionine 30mg, Phenylalanine 126mg, Threonine 120mg, Valine 168mg, Arginine 468mg, Histidine 36mg, Alanine 546mg, Tyrosine 24mg, Serine 198mg, Aspartic Acid 336mg, Glutamic Acid 582mg, Glycine 1362mg, Hydroxylysine 60mg, Hydroxyproline 654mg, Proline 834mg.






1-2 tablets 3 times daily

People taking MAO inhibiting drugs have to avoid tyramine-containing foods and have to be careful with protein supplements. Do not take in PKU (contains phenylalanine). People taking MAO-inhibitors should not supplement with tyrosine.

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