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Heartburn Supplements

Heartburn is often triggered by over eating or an impaired digestive system. Avoiding common heartburn triggering foods and incorporating natural supplements for heartburn will provide relief.


The 10 best supplements for heartburn are:
  1. Barberry. This shrub with bright yellow flowers and thorns has been used in folk medicine as a treatment for heartburn. Barberry extracts obtained from roots, bark, and fruits contain alkaloids with medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. These help to boost immunity and ease inflammation on the intestinal tract.

  2. Bromelain. This is a compound present in pineapples. Bromelain extracts are used as supplements for heartburn. Bromelain compounds help to treat heartburn by lowering inflammation-induced pain and stomach infections.

  3. Devils Claw. A natural supplement for heartburn, devils claw supplements are advised by complementary medicine practitioners to treat an upset stomach, poor appetite, and hyper acidity. Anti-inflammatory glycosides such as harpagoside present in devils claw makes it an effective supplement for heartburn.

  4. Licorice. Used extensively in both Western and Eastern medicine, licorice roots are valued as supplements for heartburn. Since licorice may have certain side effects, it would be best to consult your physician before taking these supplements for heartburn.

  5. Chamomile. A gentle and soothing supplement for heartburn, chamomile leaves are used in dried form or tinctures. Active ingredients present in chamomile, especially in Roman chamomile, are used to treat nausea, acidity, stomach pains, and heartburn.

  6. Aloe Vera. Muco polysaccharides present in aloe help to improve ulcers and alleviate burning sensations in the chest. Aloe vera juice, powders, or capsules help heal inflamed intestinal linings and relieve heartburn.

  7. Vitamin supplements and calcium magnesium supplements. These act as alkalizing agents and help to combat an over-acidic stomach environment. These supplements for heartburn are typically advised in-between meals to improve digestion.

  8. Probiotic supplements (Click Here) One of the best supplements for heartburn are probiotics which can be added to your diet in both natural and supplemental forms.

  9. Artichoke. Natural supplements such as artichoke leaf extracts are gaining popularity as heartburn supplements. There have been individual studies supporting the use of artichoke leaf extracts for improving stomach pH. However, extensive research about this natural supplement and its side effects is needed.

  10. Ayurvedic herbal supplements. Ayurveda recommends use of medicinal neem, turmeric, dandelion roots and seeds such as cumin and coriander as natural supplements for heartburn.

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